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Marketing - Bridge to the Customer


"The objective of Marketing is,
to give the customer no reason
to do business with the competitor."

(in: Kohlert Helmut: "Marketing für Ingenieure", Oldenbourg Publishing House, 3rd. Edition)



In collaboration with each client, Kohlert & Company supports decision making processes in organizations, develops and realizes solutions, mobilizes the organization to act, drives tangible bottom-line results, and makes the client organization more capable. The services are offered in the following fields: 

  1. Developing and running Business Training Programs for technology driven companies to train natural scientists/engineers/IT manager in management issues
  2. Marketing Concepts to enter new customer segments and realization of the market entry, also into foreign markets, including search for business partners and first customer contacts
  3. Marketing Workshops to increase customer orientation through use of Marketing-Know how
  4. Marketing Coaching and support of marketing projects and market based processes
  5. Marketing Audit for evaluating the market performance and developing recommendations to increase the Marketing and Sales efficiency

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